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3 years ago

Copy Master & Detail Records bottun

Hi Everyone,
I'm pretty new to QuickBase so I 'm not sure if this question is addressed somewhere else or not. I created a button to copy a record and it looks like the formula is working fine. I'm just wondering if there is any way to modify this formula?
Basically, I would like to change the value of a specific field(the field is a Text - Multiple Choice) when I copy the record.  

Copy Formula:
"javascript:void(copyMasterDetailButtonHandler('&relfids=61,14&copyFid=6&destrid=0&sourcerid=" & [Opportunity #] & "', 'br74dayx8'))"

Michael Naser

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  • No, that is not possible. But if you like you can create an Automation or a Pipeline to trigger on when a record is created the Copy Field name begins with the words Copy of. Then the Automation or Pipeline can set that Multiple choice field or any other fields that need changing or clearing.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)