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Creating an e-mail requesting information to be inputted directly back into the record


I'm a newbie on a QB trial with very little DB experience, but things are coming along well. So, right now I don't need to know the "how" of this question, just the "is it possible?" And is it possible with standard QB functionality or do I need to add a third-party add-on or do some other programming to make it happen?

So far I've got a table that records an action and associates the action with two users (two relationships of a user table parent to the action table).  The staff member (first user) leaves a self-evaluation on a scale of 1-5.  I've set up a field to indicate whether the self-evaluation should be reviewed by the manager (the second user). I've introduced a bit of randomness to this field such that not every record will be reviewed and hopefully managers won't get overwhelmed with requests to review the self-evaluation, but enough can be done to have a good idea of whether the self-reviews are accurate or not.

I can see where I can set up a notification e-mail based on the contents of that field. So far so good.

What I would love is for the manager to receive the e-mail (or maybe better yet, a WhatsApp sms) and be able to make a simple couple of clicks to leave their own rating and have that show up in the record. Perhaps a field to leave a comment might be appropriate, too. Preferably they could do this direct from the e-mail itself, but otherwise if they could click a link, make a selection, and save that would also work, as long as it is simple and quick!

Is this a possibility?

Resulting table might look like this:
check needed         E-mail sent         Self-Eval = 1       Manager eval = 1      SAME         Comment
No check                 No e-mail            Self-eval = 3
check needed         E-mail sent         Self-eval = 5      Manager eval = 3     PROBLEM  Comment

Thanks for the input

David Halter

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  • Yes. In an email, you can include the link to the record or add a button that performs an action against the record.

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