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3 years ago

Creating Department Groups in a report

I am trying to create custom department groups in one of my reports. For example. we have a department here called Production Team and another one named Sales Team. Both of these are part of the Market Division. We want to track sales volume within the Market Division. I don't want to create a new field for this, I just want it to appear in the report.
Hopefully someone knows how to do this! I feel silly- it seems like it should be easy enough.
Let me know, thank you!

Karah Weber

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  • Hi Karah!

    Do you have the departments/teams denoted in a field already? If so, you can create a report and then using the Sorting & Grouping option, you can choose "Sort & Group" and then choose the field that lists which department the record is aligned to. 

    Hope that helps!

    Marguerite Keating
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