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4 years ago

cross table deletions question

Hey All,

So I just launched my first app for a non-profit organization. When we went to delete my test data from the main parent table, none of the data on subsequent child tables were deleted. My understanding is that all associated data in other tables should have been deleted as well. What did I set up incorrectly or miss in the set up process?


Mary Perkins
M3TR1CS Business Solutions

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    Deleting a Parent record does not delete any of the child records.   It works symmetrically to the Add Record feature which does not create child records when a Parent record is created.   If it did this as a native function you would lose the child records regardless of how many additional Parent records an object might have.

    Imagine a Forecast that is directly related to an Office, Region and Corporate Annual Budget.  Deleting a record in any of three parents should probably not delete the Forecast which would change the totals in the other tables.

    There are plenty of times when you will want to delete child records when a Parent is deleted, but this needs business logic to make sure that you are only getting rid of the right records.  Additionally there may be grandchild, great grandchild or deeper records that should be pruned.

    I solve this issue using Triggers from Juiced Tech.

    Don Larson
    Westlake OH
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      .... in addition to what Don said above, cascading delete of children and grandchildren can also now be done natively with Automations.

      Mark Shnier (YQC)
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        Thank y'all so much!! I'll give this a try.

        Brandy Nunes