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4 years ago

Documentation on using advanced query in pipeline

Where is the documentation on writing the advanced query? I think I need to write an advanced query in search a record(In pipeline) for finding the child records of a parent. Please provide me a link to the documentation.

Aswin Babu

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  • One way to learn the syntax is to go to the Parent Record which has an embedded report of the children.  Click on "Full Report" to see the embedded report on a stand alone basis.  Then use the More button and it will have an option to expose the expanded URL.

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  • You should not need to use the Advanced Query section to search for the Child records. If you have the Record ID# of the Parent in your Trigger step, you will just need to create a Search Records step to find the Child records. In this Search Step, you will use the standard Query section at the bottom and set it so that [Related Parent] is equal to {{}}

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