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4 years ago

Email Survey help

I have an email with a button in it that leads to a survey in QB.  However, i just tested it and it's saying "you must sign in to to view that page."  How do I disable the need for them to log in??  Thank you!

Michael Brumfield

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  • I would suggest using a separate app for the Surveys.  Then open up that separate app to everyone on the internet.

    You do that by literally typing

    everyone on the internet 

    into he box to invite new users.  You may need to go to Quickbase support to open up your Realm to that option.  Obviously you need to set up a Role for that.

    I imagine somewhere there is a best practices blog about how to set up EOTI app ("Everyone On The Internet").  I will try to think where I have seen that.  Maybe Kirk Trachy has a You Tube video ...  

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
    Quick Base Solution Provider
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      Mark would indeed be correct we have an article on EOTI, Bree, one of our solution architects, just recently wrote an updated article on Everyone on the Internet with some advice on setup you can find here

      We also have a help doc on it with some information you can find here. I hope that information is helpful.

      Evan Martinez
      Community Marketing Manager