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10 months ago

Form Navigation step format as a field

Hey everyone,

So, I moved away from using the step navigation option in my form because it restricted me to a single form for the whole process and it forced me to save even if I didn't want to at that point in the process. I have since adopted multiple forms that the user jumps between to make it more of a process to fill out the steps.

I would like to be able to use something like the step navigation option where it has a visual of how far along it is (dictated by another field, i.e. its step 3 so it's filled up this much) BUT also says the name of the step (so underneath it would say step 3. XXXX) done in a field so that I can add it to all the forms I'm using. Also currently using the progress bar from the exchange but it doesn't display the name of the steps as well. All help is greatly appreciated!

Nolan Pilozo
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