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Formulas for Reporting

Hello! I have a table includes has three fields that I am trying to report on. The fields are Text - Multiple Choice. The 3 fields include all of the same information but for different request. They hold the type of Contract that is sent to the supplier in that row. I am trying to report on how many of each type of contract gets sent. Is this possible?

Kirstynn Rowe

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  • You could create a parent table and have a column for Type of agreement name 'Agreement Type'. Then create a Summary Formula field to sum up the total of each column and add them together. 

    Your Summary Formula would look something like this:  (Not sure what your column numbers are but say they are aligned with this report)

    Say for instance  that the field in the new table is 'Agreement Type'

    This existing Table ID is "bryyune84"
    'Type of Agreement' Field ID = 3

    'Type of Agreement2' Field ID = 7

    'Type of Agreement3' Field ID = 12

    Add a Formula Numeric field in the new table with this formula:

    Size(GetRecords("{3.EX.'" &  [Agreement Type] & "'}","bryyune84")) + Size(GetRecords("{7.EX.'" &  [Agreement Type] & "'}","bryyune84")) + Size(GetRecords("{12.EX.'" &  [Agreement Type] & "'}","bryyune84"))

    Tammie King