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3 years ago

Generate a Field (or display on a report) that shows the last edit or action saved in a Table


I have a table called PROJECTS

There's a lot of information that goes into PROJECTS and I have several project managers that look over approximately 100-150 PROJECTS a day for accuracy and updates. The managers need to have a report that displays a quick overview simply showing:

Customer Name | (Last Edited Field)

I've noticed there's a timestamp displayed at the bottom of every PROJECT and was curious if there's a way to display in a field the last EDIT that occurred in that table, or if there's a system in building a report that will allow me to do that without generating a field.

Thank You for any and all support in advance.

Anthony Wong

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  • It's no automatic way to easily see which fields were changed. You would have to build an audit trail yourself to do that. It may sound crazy but if the project managers literally are watching every single change in a project perhaps they want to get an email notification set to the default method as that automatically will highlight any changes.  

    I know it could be a lot of emails but maybe if they have some kind of email rule to automatically file these in a folder then each day they could go to the email folder and just look at each email and it will be highlighted as to what the change was and delete the ones that look ok.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)