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4 years ago

Good way to filter list for picker?

Table A - Estimates
  Estimate Name
Table B - Estimate Items
  Item Name
  Estimate Name (related)
Table C - Timesheet Entries
  Estimate Name (related)
  Item Name (related) where: "Select from list of Item Names where Estimate Name in Table B = Estimate Name on this record"

Brandon Phelps

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    Hi Brandon:

    If I read your question right, you may be asking about conditional selections.

    Example table relationships:

    Estimates < Estimate Items
    Estimates < Timesheet Entries
    Estimate Items < Timesheet Entries

    You are adding a Timesheet Entry and you first select which Estimate this is for and you then make the second selection pulling from the Estimate Items table.  That second selection can be conditional.

    If this misses your question, feel free to pop into our daily (M-F at 1pm Eastern Time) "Office Hours" webinars and we can take this further.

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