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4 years ago

How Can I hide invoice fields when blank??

I have forms that have SEVERAL items & options on them.  So if a client buys 1 item, the invoice is just this gigantic list of categories (fields) with 1 thing filled out.  Can anybody help me figure out how to set it up so it acts like a receipt??  

If you bought a pack of gum at the drug store, the receipt has "gum $1.00" -- THAT'S what I'm looking for and desperately need to set up.  Not the giant long list of drug store items you COULD'VE bought.  Do I need to set up a pipeline to do this, or CAN I at least??

Any help would be life saving, I'm kind of freaking out!  I have a deadline in a couple days.  :(  :(  :(

Thank you so much!

Michael Brumfield

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