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4 years ago

How does editable report 'know' which form to use for the edit

I think I'm being dense again but not sure I've tracked down the answer.

I have an editable report on my home page.  I click the pencil for the row I want to edit and a form pops up.

IIRC it was suggested previously that I should have just one form and use custom role permissions field-by-field to control what different roles can see/update?  Can I make a Dynamic Form Rule based on a role (haven't researched this).

But, is the recommendation to have one form used by multiple roles or one form per role?

When the row is selected for it, what specified the Form to use for update for that table?

Still researching on my end but want to make sure my research is in the right direction :)

Katherine Oakey

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  • The answer depends on several different factors. 
    • How complex is your process?
    • How different does the form need to be for different Roles?
    • How do you want your Quickbase app to work?
    • Do you want the Edit layout to be different than the View layout?
    • Do you need a different layout for users on mobile devices?
    Typically speaking, though, forms are determined by the Role the user is assigned. If you have 2 different forms - one for Customer Service and one for Accounting, for example, the users with the Accounting role will see that form anytime they interact with the records.

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