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5 years ago

How to access Pipelines? Admin console?

I really need to try developing some pipelines but I can't even get to the Admin Console.  My account and the Apps have been set up by someone else in my project/organisation so perhaps only they have access to the Admin Console??

I have tried to lodge a support ticket but the contact form does not accept my Australian phone number as a valid phone number.   Can someone from Quickbase please contact me? 

Vanessa Giles

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    If you are not the admin of the account then I think your best bet is to reach out to the admin at your company and explain that you would like access to Pipelines. It is a setting that must be changed called "Manage Pipelines" under Permissions in the admin console.

    In the weird case where you should have full control over the account but someone has locked you out I would expect support to be able to help you there. It does not sound like this is the case though based on what you said.
  • Hi Vanessa,

    I am sorry to hear that you are running into that issue signing up for Pipelines. Austin is correct that you would need to be an Admin on your account to be able to access and enable Pipelines. If you check with your organization you can most likely find out who that user is who is your admin and could help you enable or gain access to those features. If you are having issues figuring out who that admin on your account is I would suggest putting in a case with Care to help identify the person you need to get in touch with. You can do it as you did and just make sure to put the phone number in the details/notes of the case if you are having issues inputting it in (I recommend including any country codes needed for someone to dial from the US to Australia if you are aware of them as someone who used to be on Care we otherwise have to puzzle them out and that can take a little extra time).

    You can also create a case directly while signed into the community by hitting support where it appears in the upper right hand corner of the screen or when signed into Quick Base by clicking the question mark (?) icon that appears in the upper right hand corner of the screen and selecting "Manage Support Cases" as this would be the fastest way to connect with Care and give them your phone number in the details of the case if you are having trouble inputing your number. I hope that helps Vanessa and certainly let me know if you are still having issues creating a case after trying to input the number in the details.

    Evan Martinez
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