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3 years ago

How to Add records from table to other table

Dear QuickBase Expert, 

Greetings from Beginners. 

I have a problem that I need to solve and hopefully will get an insight by asking the experts here. 

I have two tables on my QB
1. Purchase Request Order ( PuRF) 
2. Purchase Order  ( PO ) 

1. Purchase Request Order (PuRF) 
   Contains : 
   PuRF No        Products      Descriptions     Qty      Price/Unit     Total Amount   Manager Approval

   Once PuRF is approved it should should be saved as a record and we continue to PO steps ( separate table ) 

2. Purchase Order (PO) 
    Contains : 
     Request by  : Requester 
         PuRF No  Products      Descriptions     Qty      Price/Unit     Total Amount 
PuRF No  Products      Descriptions     Qty      Price/Unit     Total Amount

In this case, I would like to simply adding the records from PuRF ( yellow highlight ) to be added into PO without to create another records in PO table. I have tried to do relationship but unfortunately is not success.
How can I execute this issue to add PuRF records to PO table ? 
I do hope my explanation is clear and easy to understand, and looking forward to hearing from the expert here. 


Quickbase Admin

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  • Hi Devan,

    For your workflow are you looking for a way to copy over records from one table to the other without having to manually reenter the information. So for example when you are done with a PuRF you would hit a button or check a checkbox and the record would be moved over automatically? Something like that is possible with a Pipeline that is set to copy records over. Or if this is something you would want to do once a day you can also use a function like a table to table import to bring records over once a day (for example if your PuRFs move over at the end of the business day. That would copy the records over into the PO table. Alternatively if you just want them to be related and pull down relevant information you can relate them and make sure you have lookup fields created for any field you want to pull down from PuRFs to PO.

    Evan Martinez