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4 years ago

Limit URL field to specific Sites? Possible?

Hey Community,

We are using Quickbase to to manage larger customer projects in our true CRM, which is Salesforce. I created a hyperlink field in Quickbase so our users and quickly jump from Program to program. 

I want to try and make a rule in Quickbase so that only Salesforce URLs can be used in this field and they can't throw anything into that spot like google or yelp or w/e.  

Any suggestions on how to make this rule in my app?

Thank you,

Jack Woods

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    Hi Jack:

    A couple of things come to mind.

    1. In each table you can add "Custom Data Rule" (from the table click "Settings" and then "Advanced settings") that when a field is updated and it either contains other urls or does not contain a salesforce URL that it will prevent the manual editing of the form.
    2. Another option if you are running a pipeline or some other API process is to set up a pipeline and should anyone add something that doesn't contain salesforce, have the pipeline edit that field and remove the link.

    We cover things like this in our daily, open Q&A webinars, "Office Hours" held M-F at 1pm Eastern.

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      Got you - I forgot about the table rules

      I wrote the quick formula below - how do I make the formula rule not do anything if true? Or do I need to format this in another way? Thank you.

      If(Contains([Salesforce Project Link], "Salesforce"),"N/A", "Please Use a True Salesforce Project Link")

      Jack Woods
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        Custom Data Rules will block the save if the message results in anything besides null.  So you cannot have the result be "N/A" as that will block the save.

        So this is what you want.

        If(not Contains([Salesforce Project Link], "Salesforce"), "Please Use a True Salesforce Project Link")

        Mark Shnier (YQC)
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