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4 years ago

Not Saving Automations

I am working on some automations and I have a problem that the automation is not saving.  The trigger is saving and the list of actions is saving.  The filter for each step is saving.  But if the action is "copy records" or "modify records"  it looks like everything saves, but when I go back the list of fields that I selected to change is no longer correct - different fields are listed and there is no change listed.  Has anyone experienced this before?  Suggestions?

Karen Smith

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    Hi Karen:

    That doesn't sound right but we may be missing something.  Definitely open a support case and our support/care team will be happy to assist.

    You are also welcome to pop into any of our "Office Hours" webinars held each weekday, (M-F) at 1pm Eastern time.  We review things like this and work out solutions live.

    Kirk Trachy , Senior Solutions Consultant
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