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8 months ago

Pipeline - removing unsupported tags in a text field

Hi there, 

I have a pipeline that gets triggered when a new email is received in a Gmail inbox. Then the pipeline creates a record in a QB table with the following fields, Date, subject, From and body. The pipeline gets errors and then disconnects because it doesn't support HTLM tags, Javascript, etc. 

So I tried the following:

1- change the Body field to a Text rich type 

2- I tried adding a step before the Record is created using the Text channel, and using the following RegEx: (?:(?<=>)|^)[^<]+ (I got this idea from here: How to match text and skip HTML tags using a regular expression?

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3- Using the following expression in the body field: {{a.body|text}} This idea I took from here: Discussions

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I'm still getting the errors. What am I not doing correctly?

Thank you in advance.

Consuelo Viramonte
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