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5 years ago

Pipeline trigger

Is there a way to change a trigger in the pipeline. I started with an [Record Created]however should have been [Record  Updated].  Any suggestions?

Joe Rachel

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  • I am wondering the same thing. It is quite frustrating to have build out a whole pipeline only to realize you need to change from "add" to "edit." It seems like you have to redo the entire pipeline if you want to change it! Is there any way around this??

    E. P.
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      It turns out there is a way around it, albeit a messy one.  You have to use the Import/Export feature from the "My pipelines" screen to manually edit the YAML code for the alternate pipeline. 

      Basic steps:

      1) Configure your original pipeline as desired.
      2) Configure a new blank pipeline with the desired alternate trigger only, don't bother creating any actions.
      3) Exit the editor and go into the Import/Export screen for this alternate pipeline, and copy its YAML code out to a text editor.
      4) Exit and then go into the Import/Export screen for the original completed pipeline.
      5) Edit the YAML code you see by replacing ONLY the trigger section with the corresponding trigger code block from the alternate trigger pipeline that you copied to your text editor. Then click the "Import as new" button.

      This will create a third pipeline that is a duplicate of the original pipeline, but with the alternative trigger of the second pipeline.

      WARNING: In the few times I have done this, some things have gotten a bit wonky in the resulting pipeline, meaning some attributes of certain action steps have not copied over 100% correctly. So you may have some cleaning up to do after this process.  Inspect the resulting pipeline very carefully and do multiple tests before running on important data.

      QUICKBASE: Please give us an easier, cleaner, less error prone way to achieve this!

      Josh Weeman
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        That's a great trick! Thank you so much for the tip!
        Definitely better than having to recreate a whole long pipeline a second time!

        E. P.