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4 years ago

Pipelines to Create Google Sheets?

Hi All,

I have a template .xlsx file in Google Drive, I want to create a copy of the Template file upon a trigger event from the QuickBase Application.

I have tried using Pipelines. --> But it isn't working. I'm doing it right.

My pipeline
Trigger: Checkbox check event in QuickBase.

Query: Google Drive->Serach File
                       Search Query: name contains 'ABC'

Action: Google Drive->Upload a file.
                  Url: template URL of .xlsx file which is in the same Google Drive Location.
                         I have given Name and Parent in the Pipeline.
It isn't working.

It shows this error

My Upload file is not big. :(

Any Help?


Vivek Vishwanath

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  • Hi Vivek,

    What are you using to populate the upload "URL"? This should be one of the Export Links from Step A that matches the desired format.

    Running a test myself I was able to accomplish the upload with one of those links, HOWEVER...

    I could not access them in the list of fields from Step A (perhaps you're having the same issue). It was only when viewing the pipeline's activity that I could snag the URL and manually add it to the URL field and re-run it to upload the 'copy' to my drive.

    Obviously, this is not the desired workflow, but shows that it is those URLs that are needed.

    It may be necessary to put in a ticket with Support to get to understand why those links are not accessible in the pipeline builder (even though they show up in the activity).

    Let me know what you're able to find out.


    Sharon Faust (
    Founder, Quick Base Junkie