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3 years ago

QB export to ASCII Fixed Field Flat File

Hey All,

We're need to export a file from Quickbase on a weekly basis to import into a trans-edi system for billing. They are requesting an ASCII Fixed Field Flat file. I only see an option for CSV exports from reporting. I was going to export to a CSV but then use BBEdit to strip the commas. The problem I am running into is some fields such as name fields (also left justified) are not always the same length and two groups of number fields are right justified and also not the same length. How do I overcome these? Can I build a formula to create the filler spaces or is there a different format that I can export too? I tried requesting help from the Support Staff, but the customer care rep suggested that I request it via the Feedback form. 
I've attached the file format for you to review. We actually only use 16 fields, the rest I would have to add to Quickbase with the formatting. Please let me know your thoughts.

Mary Perkins
M3TR1CS Business Solutions
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