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5 years ago

Quickbase action -fields incompatible

I have the following
Training Sessions Is parent  - Joining Table is child
Employee is parent - Joining Table is child
So an Employee can have many Training Sessions and a Training Session can have many Employees.
I have set up a QB action to add a new record to a "Joining table" (child table) when a new record is added to the  Training Session (parent table).
"Joining Table" only has 2 fields- Related Employee and Related Training Session.
In the Training Session table I have a field to choose which employees attend - "Employee- Full Name"- it is a multitext select list from the Employees table.
I get the following error:

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    If I had to guess your Related Employee field is numeric(record id#) and your Employee - Full Name field is text of their actual full name. So a match would not be possible between the 2.