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5 years ago

Quickbase Action Not Occurring When Triggering Criteria is Met

My Quickbase Action is updating a Status field value. I have 3 fields in my criteria: (Status, Draft Version, and Department).
[Status field is used both as criteria and the field to write to.] The action works fine if I just use Draft Version and Department in the criteria. However when I add the Status field to the criteria it will not work even though the criteria is satisfied.  The only difference between the Status field and the other fields is that the Status field is "automatically" set based on another previous Quickbase Action. My sequence of events is:

1. Quickbase Action #1 - Status field is set (this works)
2. Draft version and DepartmentID fields are manually updated
​3.  Quickbase Action #2 - Status field is updated  (this does not work.)

The only way I can get this to work is if I manually go into the status field change it to some other value , save it, and then go back and change it again back to my original value (which meets the criteria). Then the Quickbase Action works.  Any thoughts please? Thank you.  

John Sampath
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