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2 years ago

Relating one User (tech list) to many fields in the same Form

I have a inspection list that has 4-5 drop downs for the roles involved in the inspection.  I want to pull from one user list to populate these roles.  The user list is in another table.  I can set this up for one of the roles in the inspection but am struggling to duplicate this.

What I want

1.Tom                                 Role A: 1,2 or 3
2.George                          Role B: 1,2 or 3   
3.Sam                              Role C:1,2 or 3
Thanks for your help

Phil Heron

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    Here are two options.

    First one is to make three relationships between your Tech Table and Role Table

    You will always have three Tech and three Roles even if they are blank values.

    However I suggest that you do this instead

    Now you can assign as many or few technicians to an inspection as you want and when you want.  In the Assigned Techs table every record has its own Create Date so you know that Tom was assigned on the 29th of January but George was added two days later.

    Don Larson