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2 years ago

Reports Pulling Data from 2 Tables at once


I have 2 tables that separate projects from  my internal team, and external team.

I would like to pull a single report that shows both entries and information regarding the projects in both tables.

However, it looks like I haven't found a way to do this. Can someone support me in identifying if this is possible?

Thank you so much

Anthony Wong

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    Probably not the perfect solution - but you could set up a pipeline that copies/updates records in a third table any time a record is created or changed in the first two tables, then make the report in the third table.

    Katlyn Allen
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      On the same theme, you could make a 3rd table. Then create two saved table to table copies  to copy the data from each of the two tables into  the 3rd table. 

      then create a formula URL button to

      1. purge the third table
      2. import from table 1
      3. Import from table 2
      4. Run you report.

      Mark Shnier (YQC)