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4 years ago

Solving delay in pipelines

Is there any way to solve delay in pipeline ?
Users of our app in a particular step will create records for a trigger in pipeline and then they will have to move next part of the job, where they go to table "xyz". Table "xyz" must be now filled with records as a result of the pipeline I mentioned earlier.  The users are going to work on this newly created record by pipeline.  But sometimes this pipeline do not get triggered very soon after we create trigger record. This delay can lead to additional errors and confusion for users when they check the table "xyz".
Is there any way to notify users about this delay in execution of pipeline ?

Aswin Babu

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  • Hi Aswin,

    Pipelines make requests of Quickbase while moving around data much like a user does, and as a result there can be some delays if your app is having traffic or if the Pipelines have to run through some complex logic on their own. One trick that can be helpful is to use a code page to create a delay of a few seconds with a message to users to give Pipelines a chance to run and complete. One of our team members here at Quickbase made an article where he walked through how you can use this technique right here. 

    It can also be handy other places you are using integrations like an API call that need time to run their logic. You can give users some feedback and set expectations to remove confusion. I hope this suggestion is helpful Aswin.

    Evan Martinez
    Community Marketing Manager