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Succeed in Your Trial


Succeed in your Trial


Congratulations! You have decided to embark on your first trial experience with QuickBase.  This post has been written with your success in mind, hoping to guide you to a successful completion of you trial and sign up as a customer.


Trials are intended to give you the ability to put your tests to the software you hope to purchase, to see if what is advertised is truly as described, and to see if the general feel of using the software meets your expectations.


In order to succeed at this, I've put together some 'best practices' to implement during your trial to help ensure you enjoy success!


  1. Set Aside Time to Work in the Product


In order to learn about QuickBase, the platform, and how to build applications successfully, you will need to make sure you set aside time.  This is usually the most important consideration when evaluating our platform.  Identifying what your purchase timeline is, and lining it up with your teams' timeline to properly make your purchase decision takes some effort, as well as some honest reflection.  You will want to be realistic about how much time this process will take, and it's one you won't want to rush.


  1. Write Down All of Your Questions


You will not be able to know all of the questions that will arise during your trial up front, before you begin, but you should make an effort to identify all of your stakeholders' questions, as well as what they would like to see or learn during the trial.  Once you begin to think of your desired solution, new questions may emerge that you never previously thought of.


  1. Identify Your Stakeholders


Make sure to gain input from all of your key stakeholders.  That is, each of the end users of the solution will need to give feedback, ask questions, and state what it is they are seeking in a new solution.  Meeting with your team before you begin your trial will help get everyone 'on the same page' and steer your team towards success.


  1. Don't Just Wing It, Have a Plan


The most successful QuickBase customers are those that know what it is they want to build on the platform, and as they set about on this journey, they continually reflect back to this plan to make sure they are aligned with it.  By attempting to build in product with specificity and purpose lends itself to a more successful outcome. 


  1. Ask Questions


This may seem to be obvious, but the more questions you ask, the more detailed your vision of a solution becomes, and this will help you feel more prepared for the change that is coming.  We find that the best evaluations are those which include open conversations between customer and QuickBase staff.  We always try to ask "what else?" when engaging potential customers, in the hopes of uncovering other items on their wish list that we may be able to help with and provide a solution for.


Software evaluations are meant to be a positive experience for all involved, and when you look to use your time effectively by following guidelines such as these, you will ensure a more positive outcome for you and your team.





Sean Padian
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