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6 months ago

Timeline or Duration shown visually as a field?


I have a field that I've used as a multiple choice text with several stages for a project. I want to see this as a visual line to see completion. (Really bad example attached as a picture) I'd like to see a bar that moves along the stages and can be used to identify how close a project is to completion. 

To clarify, I don't want to run this as a timeline report, I tried that but it catalogs ALL projects instead of being able to show the information based on the record I'm in. 

Can anyone help me with generating something like this?

Anthony Wong

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  • Are you tracking the amount of time that a project is in each phase currently? There are ways to do what you're doing - but you'll need to make sure you have a date or date/time that tracks when the project enters/exits each phase. Can you confirm?

    Chayce Duncan
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      I'm guessing the person is looking for a status bar like Salesforce can fo (rather than a bar that shows a dynamic distance based on how long the record was in that phase). And even if that wasn't the original ask, now I'm curious if that's possible?

      Amber Gartner

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        Yes - a status bar or ribbon is doable in Quickbase through Rich-Text formulas. Here is an example: 

        With rich-text formulas you can build out HTML rendering of a status bar as it progresses through various phases. The Quickbase Exchange has a handful of samples that you can pull for similar use cases as a starting point. 

        Chayce Duncan