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5 years ago

Trouble setting up tables

Hello - looking for some help in setting up relationships. I am a beginner and have been searching for a while now for specific answers and I'm not sure I'm asking the right questions. 

I have a table for each state. Each state has multiple requirements (tasks) which each have a title, functional area, due date, status, etc. 
I want the manager to be able to view a list of all ​the states and see how many requirements are past due, open status, closed, etc. I also want the manager to see a list of requirements by functional area (Ex- all of the claims requirements across all states). 

I created one table called "All States" and listed out each state. I then created a separate relationship for each state table. The "All States" table as the parent, and each state table as the child. Ex- "All States" > "PA".  "All States" > "NJ". And so on. I want my "All States" Table to have one column called "# of Requirements" and have links to each separate state. Instead, it added a bunch of additional columns called "Requirements 2", "Requirements 3", etc. 

Appreciate any help! Thank you!

Ashley S

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  • Hi Ashley,

    There are always many different ways to approach a solution.

    To simplify the structure and get the reports that you need, you may want to consider using 2 tables. A States table and a Requirements table.

    You can relate each requirement to a State and then use summary fields to show past due, open status and closed, etc. You would create the report for this on the States table.

    On the requirements table, you would create the report by functional area. If you want your managers to see these 2 reports at the same time, you can create a custom home page for the manager role and put both of these reports on it. You can add any other reports that they need too.

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  • Hi Ashley, thanks for reaching out to community and I think we have all been there with what we are initially thinking doesn't seem to map out correctly.   I might suggest creating tables for "Requirements" and then doing a report based upon Status to see which states actions are completed and which ones are pending.  I would be happy to help you one on one to take a further look at this.  Please feel free to reach out to me directly at and let me know when you may be free for an hour to go over.  Kristine

    Kristine Anderson
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    Hi Ashley:

    Once you have a relationship between two tables you can summarize a lot of information about what is happening in that child table.

    We cover things like this each week during our "Office Hours" webinars.  Each Tuesday and Friday at 1pm Eastern time.

    To register:

    Kirk Trachy