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4 years ago

URL edit record through email

I have created a URL edit button that goes out with the email that allow our registered user to action task by clicking the button

if they already logged on, the API call will work fine. However, if they are not, they will receive an error message which request them to sign in. instead of having the error message, is there a way for them to simply put in their log in details so that the call can continue

any help is appreciated. Thanks

Leon Wong

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    Hi Leon:

    It sounds like you want a link that will, 1. Take the person to a login screen, 2. Allow them to log In and then 3. Take them to the app intended without putting them on their, "My Apps" page?

    If so, when you are logged into the page you want them to land on,

    1. Copy the URL
    2. Sign out of QuickBase
    3. Paste your copied URL into a browser and hit enter.  It will try to get to that URL but will interject a login first.
    4. Don't sign in but copy that new URL and use that when emailing.

    This gives you a URL that forces a login first and then appends a URLEncoded NEXTURL after.

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