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3 years ago

URL field that's clickable / defaulted for all and new records


I feel like this is so simple but I've attempted a few different ways to do this with no luck.

Every time I input a new record into my projects table, I have to confirm an agency associated with it. We finally found a source we want to use with a specific URL link.

I've attempted to generate a new URL field and place the link in the default value for us to select it each time we generate a new record and it doesn't show.

I've tried the formula - URL as I have buttons that do other internal actions and figured if I input the URL and selected open new window this would logically make sense but my input is wrong. 

I'm open to any situation, however the goal is the same URL is applied to the field on any new record for us to select when we are creating a new record. If I can make it a button that's selectable I'd love that as well, but if it's not possible I'm more than happy with a consistent link that appears for me on each new record.

Thank You for your help!

Anthony Wong

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  • Hey :) 

    I have this in my app with a rich text formula: URLRoot() & "db/" & Dbid() & "?a=dr&key="&[Record ID#]

    Annie Ryden