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3 years ago

User invite email - Is there a way to set a default message/subject line instead of typing it in each time I create a new user?

Is there a way to change the QB default message and subject line for the User invite email instead of typing it in each time I create a new user?  There are 2 of us now setting up users and I want to be sure the message is consistent, plus it's time consuming to keep typing it over and over again.  Any amount of time saved is a win for our small team.  Thank you!

Vernia Bronaugh

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  • I have the same question! 
    It is very time consuming to customize a message with each invite. 
    Let me know if anyone finds the answer to this.

    Dee K

    Deloris Riddle
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      no, if you search "My Feedback" (little tab on My Apps page left side) there'll be a request for it I'm certain. Please add your me too the request. 

      We send a separate email with our own instructions. We didn't used to do that but found it takes care of 40% of the "where am I" questions. 

      Jim Harrison
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