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4 years ago

using if conditions to display values in drop down

In quickbase is there any to write if conditions such that in a table the dropdowns are based on whether a text is present. 
I have 3 tables. A, B and C. A<C and B<C. Relationship between A and B is many to many. So I don't want to use the 3 table method for creating conditional drop downs. What I want is a method wherein table C, after the value of A is selected we show only those values of B where word in a column of A is present.  
for example if in form of table C, a record of A is selected. this particular record has a word "Leather" in some column of it. So now only show drop downs in B such that the word "Leather" is present in records of B

Aswin Babu

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    Hi Aswin:

    If I understand your need, your relationships are:
    A < C
    B < C
    A < Selects > B

    If I understand your intent, you want to select a value from the Selects, many to many and you want that to be conditional based on the first selection of A < C.

    How about cutting the B < C relationship and and make that connection directly from the Selects many to many to C?

    In the end you would have:

    A < C
    A < Selects > B
    Selects < C

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