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3 years ago

Using Tabs and Sections in Forms

I am trying to use both sections and tabs in my form, however, all the sections after my last tab are hidden until I select that last tab, then the rest of the sections in the form are visible. Is there to show the additional sections without selecting the last tab?

Steven Payne

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  • Before we got the relatively new Feature "Tabs" about a couple of years or so ago, we all had very long forms with endless vertical scrolling on long forms.

    So the purpose of tabs is so the user does not have to scroll to see major "Areas" of data.

    The typical use of Tabs is to have the First tab at or near the top of the form.  The very top of the form may contain some identifying information about the record which is common to all Tabs.

    Then each tab will typically contain Sections to group the fields logically within that Tab.

    You only see the contents of a Tab when you click that Tab.

    If you feel that you have extra fields sort of left over and by default landing at the the bottom of your last Tab, then you need to have another Tab to hold those extra fields or find a home for those fields on one of the existing Tabs.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
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      Hi Mark, 

      The tab seems to be the priority setting over sections, is it possible to switch that if I want section headers to break up my page but within a section have tabs? 

      I don't see a default settings for this as any section that is after a tab is tucked within that tab. 

      Thank you,

      Kristen Brown (she/her)
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        Yes, "The tab seems to be the priority setting over sections".  So no, you  cannot have tabs inside sections.  Except,  I suppose,  the first section can have tabs.

        Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)