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2 years ago

Using Text-Multiple Choice fields in a Formula

So I am working on a project where I have multiple plans for a home build.  I am looking to do a conditional formula which looks a the field for SLB Color (Text-Multiple Choice) is pulled from multiple records all assigned to the same home build.  Meaning there are three sets of plans for the build, at least one will be completely filled out but the other two would only be filled out if there is a condition to do so.  So I pulled all the data from the three records so I have three fields Bid Set SLB Color, City Set SLB Color, and FC SLB Color.  I want to do a formula which does a if(FC SLB Color ="", if (City Set SLB Color '",Bid Set SLB Color, City Set SLB Color),FC SLB Color)

It won't allow this since the original text is based upon a text-multiple choice field.  I'm wondering if there's a way to accomplish this.  The reasoning being that if the Color is changed at either City Set or FC level I want the most updated version.

Sorry if this is no clear, I'm only on about 30 days of working in Quickbase and am still learning.

Thank you

Paul Elliott

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  • You have not said in words what you want, but it sounds like this but I'm don't know the hierarchy as to what will take precedence.  The precedence is set by the sequence of the lines below.

    [FC SLB Color]<>"",[FC SLB Color],                  // use FC if not blank, 
    [City Set SLB Color]<>"",[City Set SLB Color], // else use City set if not blank 
    [Bid Set SLB Color]<>"",[Bid Set SLB Color])   //else fall back to original bid set.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
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      Thank you Mark
      So the Not Blank statement means I have to reverse the logic but I think that'll work.
      Basically hierarchy would be
      FC SLB Color  (if this exists then use)
           City Set SLB Color  (if this exists then use if there's no FC)
                   Bid Set SLB Color  (if neither FC or City Set exists then use)

      I tried to do a Formula which would pass the textlist result to a formula text result but it must maintain the character attribute of being a textlist result because it was also giving me the same error.