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5 years ago

Welcome to the Community Introduce Yourself Here!

It is possible for our community to be such a vibrant and productive place thanks to all of the members who come to contribute questions, share their expertise, and show off their achievements. In a fast moving and technical community it can be tough to know where to get started connecting with other community members. A great place to break the ice is right here by introducing yourself and telling us a bit about you.

Not everyone likes an open ended bio so we do have a few suggestions if you aren't sure what to say.
1. What is one of the biggest challenges you tackled/or hope to tackle in your current job? (Don't worry you don't have to include Quick Base in this one)
2. If you could snap your fingers and suddenly have any skill mastered today what would it be?
3. Do you have a Quick Base feature you feel you have mastered or one you are really curious to learn?

I'll get us started by introducing myself. I am Evan the community manager here at Quick Base. I got started working at Quick Base in 2016 as a member of our Care team and then transitioned into working on our Quick Base Community. This has given me the opportunity to interact with a huge range of Quick Base problem-solvers both here in the community and at places like Empower. 

1. The biggest challenge I have tackled recently have been working on the update for this community over the last 6 months. It has been a great learning experience in project management. 
2. If I could snap my fingers right now and suddenly have a skill mastered I would have to go with carpentry. I have always been jealous watching people who just know how to build things from scratch like that. 
3. I am really interested to build out my skills more when it comes to APIs and integrations. Especially as we add Cloudpipes to our Quick Base offerings.

Evan Martinez
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