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5 years ago

Welcome to the Community Introduce Yourself Here!

Hello everyone!
I first started using Quick Base when I returned to Harder Mechanical in August of 2016. I had never used a low code database product before and jumped in!
I'm now part of the in-house development team and focusing on UX, UI, and user training, with an emphasis on construction project management.

1. One of my biggest challenges to tackle is getting our user base excited about what they can do with our Quick Base apps and how they can make their lives easier.
2. If I could have a skill instantly it would be experience coding in Javascript.
3. I'm getting pretty comfortable with creating forms and pages in Quick Base, I think a good direction of growth would be learning how to share data with other external applications via the new Cloud Pipes product.

Jon Froderberg
PRIME Developer
Harder Mechanical Contractors
Portland, OR
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