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5 years ago

What to do when your QuickBase form doesn't print report links

If you want to print a form and there are a number of embedded reports that are not printing. This may be because your form's properties have declared that the embedded reports only load when they are scrolled down to view them. This is a performance benefit that allows the page to load quickly and only load the embedded reports when you want to actually scroll down to view them. This makes forms load faster.

Well, you can turn this off on the form's properties and you can print the whole form with all of the embedded report links but you then don't have the benefit of scroll and load reports.

If you desire, there is another way by adding a button that prompts printing but through a different form that DOES have scroll and load report loading turned off.

We cover things like this in our "Office Hours" webinars. All are welcome.

Kirk Trachy
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