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20 days ago

Join a Great Team Building Great Solutions (at CVS Health)!

Hi All,

We're at it again! Our team must replace the Quickbase "guru" that we lost to Quickbase.  He told us that the role he was in "set him up" for what was a great move for him.   (ShoutOut to said new Quickbase employee :) )

As an integral member of our team, involved in every aspect of our operations, it is critical that we have an A-team player join us quickly to help us in continuing to build solutions that help our Clinical Services staff help our customers.  We have some legacy Quickbase applications and we see room for extending and improving them. We have projects that capitalize on Quickbase API integration, and more already in the pipeline.  Lots going on with this role!

We need a self-starter that is comfortable working to understand a problem, asking great questions to build solid requirements, then building solutions to meet the needs. We are a small team of senior developers with various technical strengths, working collaboratively and directly with Clinical SMEs, to crush pain points with world class solutions; without a lot of the typical IT overhead process drudgery.

We've got some sophisticated Quickbase solutions in place today and fully expect to build more. We need someone who will keep us on our flight path and help us do even more! Could it be you?

See the posting details and apply here

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  • Hi Thomas - sorry to hear about your Quickbase loss :(

    Would you consider using a development partner that is solely focused on R&D space?  Metrendalytics is an Elite Quickbase Partner that  develops customized solutions for pharmaceutical industry.  We are actually a group of scientists with over 25 years pharma experience  that have come together to build better tools for our industry.  We have deployed numerous applications in both pharma and CRO space.  We are actively working with several clinical groups developing tools for site startup, clinical operations, site analytics, supportive tools for RBM strategies and also the laboratory operations space. 

    We offer support contracts after the build so we can continue to collaborate on long term enhancement goals

    Please contact me if you would like to chat more: