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5 years ago

Part-Time Jr Quick Base Developer Needed

We are a small but busy Quick Base Solution Provider that is looking to add a part-time developer to assist with development of applications on the Quick Base platform. We typically work with clients long-term in more of an in-house developer capacity, rather than on a project basis, so the applications are generally existing applications that require enhancement rather than ground-up builds. Someone that also has experience in custom HTML and mobile layouts would be ideal. This is expected to be approximately 10 - 15 hours per week for the foreseeable future. Interested applicants will be given a development test to demonstrate abilities such as:

1) Building complex buttons that will perform multiple API calls
2) Building formulas that utilize HTML / CSS to display dynamic messages on a form
3) Building automations to complete complex tasks
4) Building webhooks to post data in XML
5) Designing and building an application based on a given use case

Ideal candidates will have at least 2-3 years of Quick Base development experience.

Our job listing is being handled through UpWork and can be found here. Interested parties, please apply through UpWork.

Blake Harrison -
Quick Base Solution Provider
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