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Question about field types, how do we set up field types to ensure that the data is unique and in a specific format?

For example, the social security number should be in the following format: xxx-xx-xxxx - how do we ensure that the information is entered correctly? And, what does "must be unique" mean in the field properties?

And, for age, what if we want that to be a calculation based on date of birth?

And, what if we want to have conditions in the field types? For example, under gender, I have listed "Prefer to self describe". If they select that option, then I want to show a text box so they can enter text. How do I do that?

Also, how do we make fields required? 



Aparna Kommineni

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  • Aparna,

    Great questions! 

    To your first question, we cannot force a specific format in the data (like the SS# for example)  but we can add in help text for people to (hopefully) follow 

    "Must be Unique" is the filed property that lets us tell Quickbase that we cannot repeat that data - this is what we would select for any information that cannot have duplicates

    Formula fields can be used to calculate values - including age based on DOB. These arent covered in the fundamentals curriculum but will be mentioned and showcased (along with resources) during Week 7 & 8

    To create the gender question scenario we would leverage "Form Rules" that would look at what selections are made within the form and then either show or hide fields based on wether additional information is needed

    To make fields required, we would leverage the "Must Be Filled In" checkbox in field properties 


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