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2 months ago

Integrating fields from many tables into one central table.

I have started working on my app.  I have three tables.  Employees, Department, and Positions.

I want fields from department and positions to show up as fields on the employees table.  I have  the relationships built.  Parent (Department) - Child (employee) and Parent (Positions) - Child (Employee).  I have setup the table to table relationships and specified which fields I would like to be lookup fields on employee form.  

My issue is that they will not populate the field on the employee form.  I know I must be missing a step but not sure what that is.  

Any suggestions?

Tracy Woodard

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  • Hi Tracy! 

    You've made some awesome progress! Love to see it (: 

    Today we will be covering a bit of that on the curriculum. I will be showcasing it in a "dummy" space tracking app but I know it will get your brain thinking in the right direction. If it doesn't, we can always circle back to it in the office hours or offline after the class! 

    My best guess is that we need to establish the links between those specific records and thats why we arent seeing any fields being referenced out - I'll point this out in todays lesson too and call it out for you as well! 

    Chat soon! 

    Your Quickbase Cosmic Guide, 


    Manny De La Cruz
    CS Team Lead