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3 months ago

Philly Qrew Round 2!!

What is going on Philly Qrew!! 

Manny chiming in here to let everyone know we are going to keep it consistent with our meetups - 4th Wednesday of the month - mark your calendars! 

You will all be receiving an invite soon from yours truly for Wednesday, March 27th @ 3-5 PM EST.

Lets get some more of those awesome network and community juices flowing. Some great ideas came out of the last meetup..... aaaaand there's always room to dig into that free Quickbase Swag pool and get some more gear out to you all! 

Have a an amazing week!! 

Manny De La Cruz
CS Team Lead - Philly Qrew Coach

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  • incase anyone missed it the meeting was moved to the same day and time but next week.  See everyone on April 3rd!

    Nico Cantillo