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Manny Shares his Quickbase journey and #1 Tip to Build Scalable Apps

Guess what, everyone? Neil and I are starting a new series where we’ll interview Quickbase employees who were former customers. We plan to dig into their Quickbase experience prior to joining the organization, how they used the platform, and uncover tips and tricks to pass on to you. You’ll want to follow this because they, more than anyone, understand what customers go through. As former customers, they’ve walked in your shoes and can relate to pain points in ways employees who never heard of Quickbase can’t. Best of all, their experience and enthusiasm of Quickbase is leveraged each day. Nearly every department has an employee who was a former customer.


To kick it off, Neil interviewed Manny De La Cruz from the Customer Success At Scale team. Prior to joining Quickbase, he worked at a New Jersey wholesale insurance company as “the IT guy.” Armed with coffee and lots of energy drinks, his former job role had him staring at walls of code for eight hours a day and coding for business operations from three different regions. Everything from process to documentation were different in every location. It made syncing information very difficult and slowed processing time for insurance claims. Quickbase changed all of this and brought about organizational transformation to a company that badly needed it.


When asked what it felt like to incorporate Quickbase in his IT Role, Manny described it one word: “Relief!” The problem Manny’s IT team needed Quickbase to solve was to streamline insurance claims management. They started with building a sales lead tracker with Quickbase’s easy point-and-click tools, consolidated spreadsheets, and synced data through using automation and action tools (pre-Pipelines era). The change was night and day. You can tell from the interview he was very proud to be part of a team who helped streamline workflows across multiple locations without having to leave New Jersey.


When reflecting on his past role as a customer, the biggest thing he wished he could tell younger Manny is, “Take your time and slow down! Take more time to learn ALL the features and build it right. You can build something that works, but to build something that works well and scales well is super tough. However, it can be done.” He recommends investing time in going through Quickbase University, watching Empower videos, and taking advantage of learning from live training, and joining customer networks to meet others with similar use cases.


To learn what excites Manny about Quickbase and his perspective of the evolution of the platform, be sure to watch the two-minute interview linked above. If you have any questions for Neil and Manny, feel free to post a comment and they will be happy to follow up with you.

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