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11 months ago

Great Meeting Today

I really enjoyed hearing from the product team. As a customer, I am impressed at how much they engage customer feedback. I also loved getting inspired by the customer demo. I have been wanting to do the same thing but I have been intimidated by the Outlook channel. Our system admins are not very keen on letting Quickbase access a mailbox directly, so I need to understand more about how that channel works before I can approach them. I'd love to hear your experiences with the Outlook Channel.

Tammie King

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    Hey Tammie, thanks for starting this thread! When you write "Our system admins are not very keen on letting Quickbase access a mailbox directly", I think I understand what the reasons might be but could you share specifically what the concerns are? I wonder if others are running into the same challenges and it might be an opportunity for Quickbase to come up with some materials that might help business users make a business case to Outlook system admins. 

    Ben Simon

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  • Thanks for your post Tammie! I'm tagging @Sean Boat-Moore so he can see your comment. Sean was the awesome presenter in our July meeting. 

    Sean do you have any other tips or feedback to share about your experiences with the Outlook Channel?

    Caroline Stuart-Freas