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3 years ago

5 Quick Tips for Virtual Networking at Empower

Yes, I leveraged my dog to lure readers to my post, but she has not failed me yet when it comes to standing out and networking. While we would love to share the excitement of Empower with you all in person, we have once again adapted and gone Virtual. I hope to see you all there! While not all of us have a photogenic dog to stand out in the crowd, here are some tips to get the most out of Empower and grow your Quickbase network!

1. Are you registered? 

Let’s start with the easiest, registration! If you plan to attend Empower 2022, and I hope you do, please register here, if you have not yet done so. 

 2. Check out your Profile. 

Is your attendee Profile up to date? Is your Profile picture one of you from the last year or so? Adding a bio to your profile will encourage other attendees to connect with you and add to your presence at a virtual event. 

Check your LinkedIn Profile. Does it reflect your current title and job responsibilities? Are you Quickbase Builder certified? You can add your certification badge to your LinkedIn profile. More on the benefits of Certification benefits here. Be sure to include Quickbase experience and accomplishments in your job descriptions, as Quickbase skills are being more commonly sought after and recognized in a variety of industries. 

3. Plan to show up! 

I encourage you to block out time on your calendar to attend and focus on events at Empower. It is all too easy to become distracted during a virtual event, but keep in mind that the more you invest in this event, the more you will take away. 

Take a look at the Agenda. Identify which sessions are most relevant to your goals. While there will be opportunity to revisit and access all of this material at a later date, having a game plan of what you want to learn most will help you maximize value out of this event. 

Review the scheduled speakers. Think about what you want to learn from them. You may want to write down some questions should the opportunity to ask arise. 

4. Be present and active! 

Be engaged in these sessions! Introduce yourself by throwing your name, role, and company in the group chats. Stay engaged by posting questions and comments in the chat as the presentation progresses. 

Be bold! Share a link to your LinkedIn profile for Quickbase community networking opportunities. 

5. Post Empower follow up. 

Connect with industry peers on LinkedIn. Stay in touch! We are always learning from others, especially when they use the same tools to resolve industry specific problems. 

Join future industry community networking events by registering here. 

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