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2 years ago

Add search box/refresh button to a form

I have several team members who leverage one of our tables via a form to update or validate the information we have in the database is correct. The request I keep getting is to add a search box for one of the tables parameters directly to the form so they do not have to go back to the tables main page to search for the new record.  Since I'm fairly new to this, is the best way to accomplish this is adding a field on the form in edit mode that will leverage a record picker to find the record information so it can be viewed/edited? I'm also assuming as long as the form user clicks save and close it will write any changes they made to the table? Thanks!! 

Becky H.

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  • While I don't have all the details of the workflow, I think your users would be better served by utilizing a Dashboard for their work.

    On a new Dashboard, I would do the following:
    1. Setup a report that is tailored as much as possible to this user group. If possible, filter the records so that each user is presented only with records that have been assigned to them.
    2. Add a Filter to the Dashboard and select the 3-4 most commonly searched fields to this filter setup. While you can't (yet) filter on all field types, most can be accommodated.
    3. Add any additional reports, buttons, links, etc. that may help these users in their work.
    Once you've got that setup, if your users select the "Pencil" / "Edit" icon from the report, once they select "Save and Close" on the record, they will be returned to the dashboard.

    Blake Harrison