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Adding email address to Address book without adding users


I have about 80 technicians and i want to email them there routes everyday. I have a generic report and i usually filter the tech out and email him the report from quickbase directly. I have to manually punch in the email address of each tech.
is there a way  that i can save all the emails to addressbook and it can be populated automatically rather than manually inputing them.
 I also have limited user license and i don't want them to be assigned either.

Amandeep Dhillon

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  • Yes, this can be done without buying 80 more licenses.

    1. Make a table of technicians or hopefully you already have such a table and I assume it has their email address.
    2. Make a special form on that table called Tech Daily Routes.
    3. Put a Report link field on the form of their routes.  ie put the report link field on the form and set the report link field to be a report of Today's routes.
    4. Put a field on the Technicians form called [Date to trigger email].
    5. Set up an OPEN  type email Notification. Must be type = Open.  Set the form to be used to be the special Daily Routes form.  Set the trigger field  for the open Notification to be to be the [Date to trigger email].

    Now all you need to do is run a report of the technicians  by opening the first one in edit mode and then Save and Next your way down the report putting "T" for today in hat date field.  It will fire the Notification. Note that you cannot use grid edit.

    When you have that all working nicely and get tired of the one by one editing, then build a Pipeline to run every day and update that field to "today", thus firing all the emails automatically.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
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