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2 years ago

Adding Multiple Notes


I use QuickBase for Case Management which requires me to keep notes in the "Notes" tab for all of my interactions. 
Sometimes I will have a note that I have to add to multiple people. Is there a way to add a single note to multiple people at once? or do I have to open each profile and add the note in individually?

Joseph Olson

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  • This is possible, but I would have to work with you on a one on one basis to get this working.  It would probably take an hour of consulting time to set this up.  If you have a small budget to work with contact me by email and we can knock this off together. 

    The other option would be to be sitting on the Note and use the copy function under the More button to copy the record and to edit the Related Patient and save.    It's also possible to make a copy button so you don't need to go to the More menu.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
  • Mark is always going to be the superior option as he will customize the solution for you. 

    But If you want to dabble in some dark magic of form and pipelines , check out my forum post below

    Become Multi Relationship Hero

    Specially check the last post by Don Larson who took my blaberring and explained it in a nice visual representation I never could. 

    Prashant Maheshwari