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2 years ago

Adding One more condition to the formula

I have a Currency formula(This field is called Amount to Reimburse to Employee) that work perfectly fine now, however I will need to add more condition to this formula! I would like to say if [Category] equals to "Training" "Amount o Reimburse to To employee " should be 0.
I tried different ways but either it does not work or return formula error!

Any help would be really appreciated 

If([Category Requires # of 1-Way Trips Field],
If([Category - Multiplied by Mileage],
([# of 1-Way Trips] * [Category Rate]) * [Resource' Commuter Miles 1-way],
([# of 1-Way Trips] * [Category Rate])

[Mileage Cost]+[Cost]

Michael Naser

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  • If formulas in Quickbase do not need to be nested (like in excel). You can simply list all your conditions like

     Condition A = "this", "Output this text",
     Condition B = "thisotherthing", "Output different text",

    Do you mean to have nested if's? If not, can you posted each one of your conditions, and the result on different lines like my example?

    Mike Tamoush