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Admin Console Connector: Last Access & App Access

Leaving this here.

Use the Admin Console Connector to display Last Access Date and App Access for all your Quickbase Users in an App.

We have the Human Resources App with all the Employees and an email address field ~not everyone has an email address and not everyone is a Quickbase User. We know who is a Quickbase User because we made a crude "Quickbase User?" checkbox field and each month manually aligned the data (sigh).

We asked Quickbase Support about it, they had no ideas.

Eventually we made a Workato recipe that uses a nested while loop because Quickbase API uses two calls for each User (sigh). One Day Workato called and said "you guys are using a lot of tasks, could you please stop?". We tried to make it less and even met with Workato devs who said, "that is as optimized as it's gonna get". 

We met with Quickbase and discussed the problem and they said "use pipelines".

Then one day while I was hemming and hawing about getting ready to use Pipelines, I happened across this button I found in the New table purple + sign thingy. Under Using Connected data... step 2 named "source" we find a Service named "Admin console". I said what's this?

The Admin Console has the Last Access Date and Account status for each user. After adding the table connection you have to link it to the Employee data. 

1. in the table with the email address make a text -formula field named "QB ID" and put: ToText(UserToId( [QB Username])) in the formula.
2. Make a relationship where Last Access is parent and Employee is child, use QB ID as the reference.
add the fields to the Employee record
make the report
see it works! 

I don't know who at Quickbase did this but if you read this I want you to know how much it is appreciated. Oh I added my thumbs up to adding the Role and Group to the App Access Data Connected table (wink, wink).

Jim Harrison
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